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Assurance Commercia SoffitsAs the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” Here at JG Innovations Inc., we believe in delivering the quality, effectiveness and durability we tout. Our ‘Assurance’ Commercial Soffits provide just that, offering you insurance that unattractive mechanicals will stay safely hidden.

Choosing our ‘Assurance’ Soffits guarantees that any combination of exposed Fire Sprinkler, Plumbing and Hydronic Piping, HVAC or Electrical systems are covered, leaving your facility’s mechanicals shielded from tampering and damages. Created intentionally to supply sleek yet solid protection, the ‘Assurance’ line promises classic design appeal at an exceptional value.

JG Innovations furnishes metal interior soffit systems in differing profiles to manage configurations as unique as each facility. Although custom options are available, our standard silhouettes include:

  • L-Shield
  • J-Shield
  • U-Shield
  • Bow-Shield
  • Slope Top-Shield
  • Soft Edge-Shield

‘Assurance’ Commercial Soffits promise the comfort of fortified appeal while allowing you to select the finish that best suits your needs. Available options such as PaintGrip (unfinished Zinc-Galvanneal dipped steel), primed and powder coated whites afford you the convenience of the exact product required. Have an application in a high-moisture area? Our ‘Assurance’ interior soffit systems are also offered in a reflective stainless steel.

We understand that ‘one-size’ typically doesn’t fit all. We’ve eliminated this impracticality and added the convenience of offering 100% fabricated-to-order soffit systems. Relay the dimensions of the mechanical systems requiring shielding, and as simple as that, your own customized ‘Assurance’ Commercial Soffit system will arrive nationwide within 2-3 weeks! Choosing ‘Assurance’ Soffits conveniently guarantees your mechanicals are protected with tailored appeal.

Interested in how you can obtain the ‘Assurance’ that your facility’s mechanicals will stay safely concealed? Email our sales department to learn more.


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