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What services are offered by JG Innovations, Inc.?

JG Innovations, Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of factory-fabricated steel enclosure systems. We provide custom engineered solutions, in addition to informational materials, design aid, estimating assistance, custom manufacturing and installation support of our patented Soffi-Steel® System.

What is the Soffi-Steel® System?

The Soffi-Steel® System is an entirely customized, interior metal soffit that is used to conceal any size, type or combination of exposed utilities such as fire sprinklers systems, plumbing, piping, CPVC, steel, copper, HVAC, hydronics, PEX, conduit, and data cabling. Our interior soffit is an ideal solution for protecting exposed material or utilities in an efficient, secure, and streamlined manner.

Where can I use the Soffi-Steel® System?

The Soffi-Steel® System is completely tailored to the facility in which it is being installed. Our Soffi-Steel® System is commonly utilized for retrofits/renovations and new construction applications in residential, commercial, educational and institutional facilities. Additionally, we supply differing profiles of our Soffi-Steel® System to accommodate vertical and horizontal chases, aesthetical concerns and safety issues.

What does the Soffi-Steel® System conceal?

Our Soffi-Steel® System was originally designed as a protective, security cover for the concealment of exposed utilities in institutional facilities. Since its invention, the Soffi-Steel® System has quickly become the choice for the enclosure needs of residential, commercial, educational, and institutional facilities alike. It is commonly used to conceal any size, type or combination of exposed fire sprinkler systems, plumbing, HVAC, hydronics, conduit and data cabling. Our Soffi-Steel® System can be confidently used to conceal most anything in an effective manner. Quite simply put, our Soffi-Steel® System is a diverse soffit shield that can be used to ‘cover up the unsightly and prevent tampering’.

Do you offer samples?

Yes, we do. At no cost or obligation, you may request samples of our Soffi-Steel® System. While we do carry an inventory of our most commonly utilized material (i.e. Factory Powder-Coated Paint Finished 24 Gauge L-Shield, 24 Gauge U-Shield, 20 Gauge L-Shield, 20 Gauge U-Shield, 16 Gauge L-Shield and 16 Gauge U-Shield) in a manageable sample size, given a notice, we can also provide samples of any custom fabricated material that your project/application may require. Additionally, we offer other informational material for your review such as: brochures, submittals, CAD Drawings, specifications and color samples. To request any of these items, please fill out our contact form or call us toll-free at 1-888-933-2248.

What are the standard sizes the Soffi-Steel® System is offered in?

An advantageous feature of our Soffi-Steel® System is that the project’s needs dictate the design, sizing, and finish of the material provided. This design flexibility eliminates working around the limitations of a standardized system. We provide a factory-fabricated, interior soffit with height and depth dimensions ranging between 2 ¾” – 60”. The size of our Soffi-Steel® System is based on supplying a protective shield that does not create interruption to the utility or material that is being concealed. We can offer assistance with determining the appropriate sizing for your interior enclosure needs.

What lengths does it come in?

Due to fabrication and shipping limitations, we can provide material in up to 10’ lengths. We are aware that site conditions may require sections longer than 10’. For these exact instances, we have created an internal coupling sleeve mechanism. This coupling aids in connecting sections of the Soffi-Steel® System to one another in a streamlined and secure manner. Should you need shorter sections, we can provide those custom lengths or the material can be easily cut to the required span at the job site.

What colors and finishes are available?

Our Soffi-Steel® System is completely customized to the specifications of each individual project, allowing you ultimate design flexibility to create a system that most closely fits your facility’s needs. This being so, we offer light to heavy duty material (i.e. 24, 22, 20, 18, 16 or 14 gauge G90 Zinc-Galvannealed cold rolled steel, stainless steel, or .050 Aluminum) in the finish (i.e. paintgrip, factory primed, factory powder coated paint in four standard shades of Sherwin-Williams white, custom colors, or a #4 finish, stainless steel) that best suits the site conditions.

Standard color options: Pure White, Off White, Dover White or Antique White

I don’t see a price list. How do I determine the cost?

Because we provide a completely customized concealment solution, we have opted to preclude a price list of any sort due to the extreme differences among the Soffi-Steel® System utilized for residential, commercial, educational and institutional facilities. Additionally, the utility or exposed materials you may be intending to cover can vary vastly in size and the manner in which they have been pre-installed. This would require quite an extensive price list and could lead to some confusion as you are estimating your project costs. Instead, we do the work for you. Whether you are in the planning stage and are in need of a budgetary estimate or you are bidding a project and require a take-off, the staff of JG Innovations, Inc. is qualified to aid you with your pricing needs. Fill out our Request a Quote form or call us toll-free at 1-888-933-2248 for information on securing an estimate.

Do I deal with you directly or is there a representative/distributor in my area?

Located in Janesville, WI, JG Innovations, Inc. has been the exclusive provider of the Soffi-Steel® System since 1994. Since then, we’ve established a credible reputation in the residential, commercial, educational and institutional construction industries for outstanding concealment of exposed utilities nationwide. We are confident you will receive comprehensive service and assistance with the design, manufacturing and installation needs of your interior steel soffit projects, regardless of location.

My application will require elbows and bends. Do you offer these?

Yes, we do. We provide the option to purchase factory-fabricated outside corners and 90° elbows for your application of the Soffi-Steel® System.

I have an asbestos concern/dropped ceiling. Can you work around these site conditions?

We certainly can! The designer of our Soffi-Steel® System ingeniously designed an “L-Bracket” to address the unique challenges these site conditions can create. This “L-Bracket” provides the necessary support to hang the shield in a secure manner while avoiding any penetration into the asbestos or the dropped ceiling.

I’m concerned about corrosion. How does the Soffi-Steel® System combat this potential problem?

Our Soffi-Steel® System is fabricated using the highest quality (G90) Zinc-Galvanneal hot dipped, cold rolled steel. By using this material, the Soffi-Steel® System is impervious to water damage and potential corrosion. Additionally, a factory or site applied finish to the Soffi-Steel® System will also aid in long-term corrosion protection. If you’re concerned with extreme environmental conditions, we offer a #4 finish stainless steel or a heavy gauge aluminum that better resists corrosion that may be created by such surroundings.

My project requires a FM Approved and/or UL Listed product. Does the Soffi-Steel® System satisfy these requirements?

The Soffi-Steel® System has received a FM Approval rating as a protective shield cover for the concealment of BlazeMaster®, Victaulic Company FireLock™, KT Plastics LLC, and Viking Plastics LLC CPVC sprinkler system pipe.

The Soffi-Steel® System is UL/ULC Listed under Cover Systems for Sprinkler Piping. Decorative Cover System, U-Design Soffi-Steel Decorative Cover System, 16 to 24 Gauge in sizes 4-8 inch width x 4-8 inch height and L-Design Soffi-Steel decorative cover system, 16 to 24 Gauge in sizes 4-8 inch width and 6-12 inch height.

MEA approval in the NYC area as a protective shield cover.

What is the fire rating of the Soffi-Steel® System?

There is no formal fire rating on our Soffi-Steel® System as steel does not actually contribute to spreading or fueling a fire. Our Soffi-Steel® System is fabricated from the highest-quality, (G90) Zinc-Galvanneal coated, cold rolled steel that has a melting point exceeding 2000°F.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. All purchases of our Soffi-Steel® System come with a 10 Year Limited Warranty.

How do I obtain submittals for my project?

Upon request, we will send you our submittal package at no charge. You can contact us toll-free at 1-888-933-2248 or by filling out our contact form.

Do you offer specifications, CAD drawings and/or shop drawings?

We provide both specifications and CAD Drawings for your residential, commercial, educational and institutional projects. You can access Specifications visiting the Specs and the Cut Sheets sections of our website.

JG Innovations, Inc. does not actually provide ‘shop drawings’ as the project owner/requirements dictate what exposed materials or utilities will be concealed and where our Soffi-Steel® System will be installed.

I am not familiar with the Soffi-Steel® System. Can you send someone to take measurements?

JG Innovations, Inc. does offer this service upon request. Dependent on the scope of the project and staffing availability, there may be a cost incurred. Please contact our President, Allen Stowers, via email or toll-free at 1-888-933-2248 to discuss project details.

I would like to see an installed example of the Soffi-Steel® System. Are there any completed installations close to my area?

The Soffi-Steel® System has been the interior concealment solution of choice for exposed utility concerns in residential, commercial, educational and institutional facilities nationwide. We have completed multiple installations in nearly every state. Please refer to our Projects section for comprehensive project lists. You can also contact us toll-free at 1-888-933-2248 to discuss walk-through options.

It appears that the Soffi-Steel® System is virtually irremovable once it has been installed. What do I do if I need to access the piping?

Typically seen to be a beneficial feature of the Soffi-Steel® System, our soffit shield is virtually irremovable upon attachment to our pre-anchored shield clips. However, we are aware that there may be certain instances in which the utility concealed by our Soffi-Steel® System is leaking or requires occasional maintenance. We provide an option to address both concerns. In the case you have an unexpected leak, we have a “Shield Clip Release Tool” that wedges between the edge of our shield cover and the shield clip to loosen the “Snap-Lock” connection and allow the section to be removed. And for those instances in which there is a concealed area requiring regular maintenance, you can choose from a variety of “Access Panel” options to best suit the facility’s needs.

How long will it take for my material to arrive?

Upon submitting completed, signed copies of our order forms, our average lead time is 3 weeks. This allows for fabrication and any factory applied finishing of your material, in addition to transportation of that material to your specified location.

Do you recommend any subcontractors in my area to complete the installation process?

We do not retain a list of local subcontractors. The custom fabricated soffit material can be installed by a variety of trades, not limited to but includes plumbers, fire protection contractors, mechanical contractors, drywall installers, maintenance personal, sheet metal workers, carpenters, and HVAC Technicians.

Do you offer installation training?

We certainly do. For any orders requiring a total of 1,500 lineal feet or more of our Soffi-Steel® System, we provide the option to request a hands-on, one-day training session with a member of our own installation crew at no cost. If your order does not meet our 1,500 lineal feet requirement to qualify for our complimentary training session, you may utilize our Installation and Support section or call us toll-free at 1-888-933-2248 to discuss the installation process or request an estimate for installation training.

Do you offer installation service?

Yes, we have an experienced traveling crew who can complete the installation process. This service is available nationwide with sufficient notice. Call us toll-free at 1-888-933-2248 to discuss the installation process or request an estimate for installation.

I’m in the planning phase of my project. How do I determine how much lineal footage of the Soffi-Steel® System will be installed daily?

The total amount of installed lineal footage on a daily basis can vary. The variances can occur due to: existing site conditions, how light or heavy duty the material utilized, whether the building is occupied or not, the amount of straight runs/chases versus specialty bends and angles, and the experience level or learning curve of the crew completing installation. With these factors in mind, we have found that 40 – 100 lineal feet of our Soffi-Steel® System can be installed daily by two crew members. Please contact us with any questions or concerns toll-free 1-888-933-2248 or fill out our Contact form.

Do I install the Soffi-Steel® System before or after my pipe is hung?

The Soffi-Steel® System is an enclosure shield that conceals exposed utilities. Primary use of our Soffi-Steel® System typical implies a protective cover system rather than a hanging or support mechanism for your existing utilities. This being so, our Soffi-Steel® System is formally installed after the utility is in place. In some instances, it has been beneficial for sprinkler fitter’s to hang the sprinkler piping after our shield clips and underlying supports have been attached to the substrate. This aids by creating a visual guide for proper fitting of the sprinkler piping/system in conjunction with our Soffi-Steel® System. Dependent on your site conditions and project requirements, you may either attach our shield clips before or after the exposed utility has been installed.

How is the Soffi-Steel® System attached to the substrate?

The intent of our Soffi-Steel® System is to supply a secure, protective concealment cover that is virtually irremovable upon installation. Our shield clips, which serve as the primary attachment mechanism, are first fastened to the substrate using the appropriate anchors such as drive pins, tapcons, zip-its, or mollies. Our Soffi-Steel® System is then installed using an ingenious connecting system by creating a unique “reverse curvature” interfacing that occurs between the soffit and the pre-attached shield clip, creating a “Snap-Lock” connection.

What are the standard installation parts?

The Soffi-Steel® System offers the convenience of simple assembly and minimal required installation components. Our standard installation parts typically include: anchors/rivets, shield clips, wall flanges, couplings, end caps, and sealant for finishing. Optional parts may include: access panels and factory-fabricated outside corners, and 90° elbows. For further information you may contact us toll-free at 1-888-933-2248 or see the Accessories and Fittings section.

What tools do I need to install the Soffi-Steel® System?

Our Soffi-Steel® System can be successfully installed using standard contractor tools. Based on our own installation experience, we’ve found the following tools to be useful while completing the installation process: safety glasses, a tool belt, a chalk line, a steel frame square, a 25’ tape measure, aviation shears/snips or a plasma cutter, an industrial grade jigsaw or hand-held saber saw, a carbide tipped hole saw, medium size rubber mallet, 2-3 pry bars, a cordless/power drill and bits, a metal file, and a caulk gun.

How do I place an order?

Our order process is rather simple. To place your Soffi-Steel® System order, we require you provide us completed and signed copies of the following: JG Innovations, Inc.’s proposal to supply the agreed gauge/finish/size/quantity/profile of our Soffi-Steel® System (and installation, should you choose this service), confirmation of order, and all associated shield size confirmations. If you are not an established customer and are placing an order with us for the first time, we also ask you complete our credit application to establish an account.

Contact us toll-free at 1-888-933-2248 or by filling out our contact form.

What is included with my order?

Items and services that are included with your Soffi-Steel® System order will vary based on the project scope. Dependent on your needs, orders will typically be comprised of: application appropriate shield, customer-selected material finishing, shield clips, anchors/rivets, couplings, wall flanges, end caps, sealant, and any associated shipping/handling fees. Additional customer elected options may include: factory-fabricated outside corners, 90° elbows, access panels, and installation of the Soffi-Steel® System. Please contact our Contract Sales Department, at 1-888-933-2248 or to request an estimate based on your project’s requirements.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. Our payment options include Visa, Mastercard, company check or money order. Payment is due net 30, after shipment of material. For material orders that include installation, you will be invoiced upon completion or every 30 days if project scope requires an extended installation period. Our payment terms still remain net 30. After 30 days, 1.5% interest will be added per 30 days, per invoice date. Some projects may require a deposit.

I still have some unanswered questions. How do I contact JG Innovations, Inc?

JG Innovations, Inc. is adequately staffed to assist with your interior soffit needs from project start to completion. We are available to assist you, Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm (Central), with the design, manufacturing and installation requirements of our Soffi-Steel® System. You may contact us toll-free at 1-888-933-2248, via email at or by filling out our Contact form.