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Interior Soffit Installation & Support


Don’t have the time to install our soffit systems? Or would you simply prefer to have someone do it for you? JG Innovations also offers the convenience of a traveling installation team to complete your interior soffit system installation. Both training sessions and installation services are available upon request. Contact our sales department for more information. Access our Installation Guide for an in-depth explanation of how to work with our interior soffit systems or view the installation video for a convenient "How-To" tutorial.

Recommended Tools

While we offer installation of our interior soffit systems, we realize that you may not elect to go with this service. One of the keys to a fast, smooth, and efficient installation of our Soffi-Steel® and JGI Interlock™ Concealment Systems soffit lines are having the proper tools to work with. Download a printable checklist of recommended tools.


JG Innovations, Inc. confidently supplies several of the most reliable steel concealment system solutions available on the market to date. We aren't afraid to back our products with a comprehensive warranty. Dependent on the project location and environment, your purchase will include a 10-Year Limited Warranty.