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Interior Soffit Sizes & Shapes


In order to satisfy your individual project requirements JG Innovations, Inc. fabricates the soffit to your project specification. There are no standard sizes, as we recognize that each project has been uniquely designed for its intended purpose. Using any combination of dimensions from as small as 3" and up to 60", our soffit material is sure to meet the needs of your application. Our soffit concealment systems come in two standard lengths at either 8' or 10' runs. However, if you'd prefer us to cut it to your exact length, we can shear it to your required measurement.


Our concealment system is offered in two standard shapes. The L-Shield is primarily used for installations at the wall/ceiling or wall/floor line when you require two sides of your mechanical to be covered. The U-Shield is utilized when three sides of your mechanical needs to be covered, such as covering a pipe that runs down the middle of a corridor. Both configurations can be manufactured to virtually any length, width and gauge to accommodate any installation requirement.

L-Shield System

U-Shield System