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Soffit Products

JG Innovations, Inc. is your go-to source for all your concealment needs. Our custom fabricated metal soffit concealment and pipe enclosure systems are a perfect alternative to interior drywall soffits, and the solution for aesthetic, vandal and security concerns. By replacing the time consuming and dusty drywall systems with JG Innovations’ drywall soffit systems, installation time can be cut by 60% and there is no need for multiple trips to install. Our full line of products are suitable for every concealment application.

Our soffit concealment systems are designed to cover one or multiple exposed pipe or mechanicals. The Soffi-Steel® and Interlock™ Concealment Systems are manufactured to your specification and are available in light to heavy duty 24-16 gauge galvannealed steel. These durable, streamlined concealment systems have been rigorously tested and carry industry approvals such as Factory Mutual Approval for the protection of Blazemaster® Fire Sprinkler Pipe and Victaulic Company FireLock™ CPVC Sprinkler System Pipe and/or are UL/ULC Listed. These concealment systems are being specified nationwide by architects and engineers to enclose mechanicals in:

  • Universities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • PK-12 Schools
  • Residential Properties
  • College Dormitories
  • Psychiatric Facilities
  • Detention Centers
  • Jails and Prisons
  • Commercial Buildings
  • High Rise Apartments
  • VA Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Affordable Housing
  • High-Rises/Condominiums

Use our concealment systems for these facility utilities and more:

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Hydronic Piping
  • Conduit
  • Wiring
  • Cable
  • Ductwork

Through our technical expertise and manufacturing flexibility, JG Innovations, Inc. transforms the structure and systems of your building through enclosure systems that capture art, function, and statement.

Our Innovative Systems and Applications:

The Soffi-Steel® System

The ultimate custom fabricated architectural pipe enclosures for retrofit or new construction applications. Look at it's unique Con-Ceal-It Groove which provides extra room for security sealant, providing a tightly-sealed system.

JGI Interlock Concealment Systems

Custom and appealing to conceal your exposed mechanical systems, is much the same as the Soffi-Steel® System, with a few modifications for the purpose of even greater economy.

ALumA-Fit Concealment System

Aluminum Soffit Concealment System that can be fabricated on the job-site to the dimensions required on-site.

Exterior Enclosure System

Manufactured in various profiles and virtually unlimited dimensions, the powder coated, rust-resistant steel, aluminum or stainless steel material options make our system the most versatile cover on the market as it is used for both indoor and outdoor applications.   

Custom Engineered Metal Fabrications

Based on your project or facility needs.

Access Panels

Based on your project or facility needs.

HVAC Applications

To conceal line sets, hydronic piping, PVC, CPVC, steel pipe, copper pipe, drain lines, ductwork and PEX piping. We can fabricate to the dimensions you require to enclose the system you are installing, keeping the line/pipe safe, hidden and functional.


Our Soffi-Steel® and Interlock Concealment Systems provide additional advantages beyond simply being enclosure solutions:

  • Diversity: Available for light to heavy-duty applications
  • Flexibility: Manufactured for your new construction or retrofit projects
  • Customization: Completely fabricated to your exact specifications
  • Convenience: Arriving within 3 weeks of ordering nationwide
  • Peace of Mind: Backed by a 10-year limited warranty
  • Security: Our soffit covers are virtually irremovable without our specialty removal tool, anti-ligature, tamper and contraband resistant
  • Efficiency: Requires few internal installation components
  • Appeal: Supplies a streamlined, protective concealment method for exposed mechanicals


JG Innovations Inc. offers expanded, full service metal fabrication services for your architectural product needs. Because we custom fabricate and finish your material, the stress of going through multiple channels is avoided, affording you the full benefits of increased coordination and continuous attention to quality.

Unequaled Protection and Security

Con-Seal-It System

The Soffi-Steel® and Interlock Concealment Systems provide unequaled protection and security through an ingenious connecting system. Virtually indestructible and tamper-resistant, our custom fabricated enclosure systems are ideal for commercial and institutional/correctional projects and any other jobs in which there are pressing security concerns. Our secure soffit systems provide industry professionals with extraordinary building products that will also satisfy many diverse construction requirements. The unique “reverse curvature” interfacing between the clips and the soffit cover renders the system irremovable once installed. Another noteworthy feature of The Soffi-Steel® System is the unique CON-SEAL-IT sealant-retaining groove that assures the appropriate amount of security sealant will be help in place; providing you with a clean, tightly-sealed system.

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