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Would you like to specify the Soffi-Steel® System or JGI Interlock™ Concealment System for your next project? JG Innovations allows you the opportunity to access our standardized interior soffit specifications; or customize our interior soffit specifications to best suit your project's needs. With only a few clicks, your tailored specifications are ready for download in only a matter of moments. Our typical submittal package is also available for your convenience. Simply, add the project appropriate specification and you are ready to roll! Specifications are offered in Word or PDF format.

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Customize Your Specifications

Quick Customized Specification: Quickly customize a specification by entering your project data and choosing different project options to create the specification for you.

Create Your Customized Spec Sheet Here!

The Soffi-Steel® System Specifications: A list of Soffi-Steel® Specifications in both Word and PDF formats.

The Soffi Steel System

The Interlock™ Concealment System Specifications: A list of Interlock™ Concealment System Specifications in both Word and PDF formats.

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