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Interlock™ Concealment Specifications

Would you like to specify our JGI Interlock™ Concealment Systems to shield your facility's life safety and mechanical systems? We provide standardized specifications for your convenience. Uncertain which specification best suits your jobs needs? Contact our sales team, Monday - Friday, 8-5pm (CST) toll-free at 1-888-We-Fab-It (888-933-2248) or via email at We appreciate your inclusion of our interior soffit systems in your project's specifications.

Specifications are offered in Word or PDF format.

Our CSI 3-Part Format specifications are available on

JG Innovations' light-duty interior soffit offers a streamlined finish when you simply need to hide your exposed mechanicals. Our "Illusions" line blends into the environment, leaving little evidence of the mechanicals concealed beneath it. Typical applications may include: Housing Authority Projects, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Greek Housing, Military Housing, Single & Multi-Family Homes, Residential/Commercial Retrofits.

Our medium-duty soffit line maintains classic design appeal while securely shielding your vulnerable mechanicals. Choosing JG Innovations' "Assurance" line supplies peace of mind and value when your application requires a durable, attractively-finished commercial soffit. Typical applications may include: K-12 Facilities, Colleges & Universities, Dormitories, Foster & Detention Facilities, Psychiatric Wards, Parking Garages.

Our maximum security-grade soffit withstands the abuse imposed by the most rugged of interior environments. Proven consistently reliable, our "Enforcer" line steadily protects your mechanicals, rendering them impervious to any tampering or placement of contraband. Typical applications include: Jails, Prisons, Zoos & Animal Containment, Psychiatric Wards, Detention Facilities, Federal Correctional Facilities.