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The Soffi-Steel® System | Retrofit Pipe Covers

Interior Soffit - The Soffi-Steel System

Overview of Interior Soffit

At JG Innovations, Inc., we design, manufacture, and offer installation for the Soffi-Steel® Concealment System. Manufactured in the USA, from domestic galvannealed steel, our rugged steel enclosure system is designed to conceal and protect fire sprinkler piping, HVAC, piping, plumbing, wiring, duct, IT/network cable and utilities in both new and retrofit applications. The Soffi-Steel® System is custom-designed and fabricated for each unique application, making it the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing enclosure solution on the market. The soffit system also carries FM approval and is UL/ULC listed.


Available in light to heavy-duty gauge steel, the Soffi-Steel® Concealment System is snapped securely into chromium plated spring steel shield clips. The unique "reverse curvature" interface between the clips and the cover renders the cover virtually irremovable once installed. As another form of security the Soffi-Steel® Concealment System features The Con-Seal-It groove which serves to feed and firmly retain the sealant along the length of the soffit/construction surface, ensuring a clean, tightly-sealed, and contraband-resistant system.


The custom-fabricated Soffi-Steel® System is available in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your individual enclosure requirements. Our soffits are offered in two standard shapes to satisfy your individual project needs. The L-Shield is primarily used for installations at the wall/ceiling or wall/floor line, and the U-Shield is best for ceiling soffit, and metal soffit, or vertical drop installations. While there are typical dimensions for typical applications, both configurations can be manufactured to the dimensions you require in any dimension ranging between 3" - 60" and up to 10' lengths. Whether it's ceiling height plumbing and wires or baseboard heaters, we've got it covered.


The Soffi-Steel® Concealment System was initially designed to cover exposed pipe and mechanicals in the correctional industry, more specifically for jails, prisons and detention centers.  The engineered design coupled with being manufactured from domestic galvannealed steel, makes this concealment system strong enough to withstand even the most abusive circumstances while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Available in light to heavy-duty gauge material and offered in multiple finishes such as #4 Stainless Steel, Paint Grip (for field paint), and Sherwin Williams Powder Coat, the Soffi-Steel® Concealment System is suitable for any application.


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The Soffi-Steel® System is a custom-fabricated, utility concealment and cover solution providing you with an exact system to satisfy your individual project's needs. Initially designed for high security purposes, the Soffi-Steel® System's clean design and heat durability make it perfect for commercial and residential use, especially where the aesthetics of the shield are equally as important as its function. The Soffi-Steel® System features the unique Con-Seal-It sealant retaining groove. This assures the appropriate amount of security sealant will be held in place, providing a tightly-sealed, streamlined system.

Applications & Uses

The Soffi-Steel® System is used safely as baseboard covers and to conceal exposed Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Hydronic Piping, and Cable/IT Networking. It's perfect as a fire sprinkler cover system and as CPVC pipe covers.

Our Commercial Soffi-Steel® System is a popular choice for numerous new construction and retrofit applications such as: Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Hotels, High-Rise Apartment Buildings, K-12 Educational Facilities, Universities, Colleges, Dormitories, and Greek Housing. Based on dimensions, location and exposure we recommend either 24-, 20- or 16-gauge material for these applications.

As for our Institutional Soffi-Steel® System, examples of new construction and retrofit application include: Jails, Prisons, Psychiatric Facilities, Juvenile Detention Centers, and Maximum Security Facilities. Our 16-gauge material is seen in these types of applications.

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Materials & Finishes

Our Concealment Systems are conveniently tailored to satisfy your individual project needs. Our enclosure systems are offered in:

  • Stainless steel with #4 finish: 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 gauge.
  • Zinc-galvanized Paintgrip (treated for field painting) with an A60 coating designation: 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 gauge. As defined by standard specification ASTM A 653, A60 has a minimum coasting weight of 183g/m2.
  • Aluminum .050 (anything less than mill thickness not recommended)

Several finish options to choose from:

  • Sherwin Williams epoxy polyester hybrid powder coating provides a hard, durable, and attractive finish. Available Colors: Off White, Antique White, Pure White, Dover White, and Custom Color options.
  • Anti-microbial powder coat that utilizes silver ion technology, known to resist the growth of microbes. Available in Pure White.
  • Stainless Steel #4 Finish. Recommended in those instances which the shield may be exposed to moisture.
  • Primed with specific primer compatible with painting scheduled after installation.
  • Paintgrip (treated for field painting)-Prime and paint material in the field after installation

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for a physical color sample.
Accessories & Fittings

Our steel soffits beneficially require few accessories and fittings in order to successfully complete the installation process. By limiting system components, the necessary time and efforts to finish your project’s interior concealment needs are minimized.

You will be provided the following accessories with your shield material:

  • Pop Rivets (1/8"Diameter x 1/4"Length) of Matching Material/Finish
  • Substrate Appropriate Anchors/Fasteners
  • Sherwin Williams Color Matched Latex Sealant in Commercial Grade (Sonneborn® NP-1), Institutional Grade (Sonneborn® Ultra) or DynaFlex SC
  • Shield Clips

Available fittings as Required for your project:

Benefits & Capabilities

The special design flexibility of our Soffi-Steel® System is demonstrated as it easily adapts to both retrofit, as well as new construction installations. The Soffi-Steel® System accommodates all types of sprinkler devices including institutional, sidewall, recessed and concealed sprinklers, and it can handle baseboard heat as well.

Unlike competing plastic and aluminum pipe covering systems, our heavy-duty Soffi-Steel® System has a melting temperature for heat in excess of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for most baseboard heat covers. Engineered with maximum design flexibility in mind, our Soffi-Steel® System requires few standard installation parts. Field fabrications are easily completed with the proper tools. Our Soffi-Steel® System has undergone rigorous laboratory testing and has been awarded a Factory Mutual Approval Rating for the concealment of BlazeMaster® and Victaulic Company FireLock CPVC Sprinkler System Pipe. In addition, our system far is UL/ULC listed and has also been recommended by the NFSA in the Fire Sprinkler Retrofit Guide. To provide further peace of mind, we include 10-Year Limited Warranty with your Soffi-Steel® System purchase.

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