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Versatile HVAC Soffit System & Pipe Enclosure

Soffit Available in ANY Size - Request a Quote!

JG Innovations Soffi-Steel® Concealment System is the ideal enclosure solution for properly protecting your exposed pipe and mechanicals from accidental damage or vandalism. The need to not only protect the exposed pipe or mechanicals, but to keep them out of sight and aesthetically pleasing may be equally important for some owners. 

The Soffi-Steel® Concealment system is a versatile enclosure that can be used to cover one or multiple pipes or mechanicals and because it’s made from domestic steel, can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Each enclosure is tailored to the size you require for your individual project need. Available in L-Shield, U-Shield and Slope-Top, any of our configurations can be manufactured at dimensions ranging from 3” – 60” and up to 10’ lengths. Whether it’s heating/cooling unit pipes, ceiling height plumbing and wires or baseboard heaters, we’ve got you covered. 

Contact JG Innovations at 1-888-933-2248 to discuss your HVAC concealment needs.