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ALumA-Fit™ Concealment System

Soffit Available in ANY Size - Request a Quote!

Aluminum Soffit Shield Systems

Cover your Fire Sprinkler Systems, Piping, Plumbing, IT/Network Cable, Electrical and other exposed mechanicals with our ALumA-Fit™ Concealment System. The ALumA-Fit™ is an aluminum soffit concealment system designed to cover one or multiple exposed mechanicals.

Aluminum Soffit - ALumA System Features:

  • Manufactured to your specified dimensions
  • Available up to an 18" face
  • Standard profiles: L-Shield and U-Shield Aluminum Enclosure
  • National Availability
  • Immediate Delivery
  • Maintenance-Free, Pre-Finished Surface
  • Installed by our professional, experienced installation team
  • Is fabricated on-site by our installation team
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Serviceability After Installation
  • Light Duty Application

ALumA-Fit Soffit Shield System Applications & Uses

  • Universities
  • College Dormitories
  • High-Rise Apartments/Condominiums
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals/Healthcare facilities
  • Child Care/Day Care Centers
  • PK-12 Schools
  • Hotels
  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Government Buildings
  • Public Housing

Material and Finishes

Our AlumA-Fit System is conveniently tailored to satisfy your individual project needs. This enclosure system is offered in embossed .030 Aluminum in common shades of interior white.

Aluminum Soffit Benefits:

  • Economical advantage over drywall
  • Clean to Install
  • Installed with minimal disturbance
  • Quick to Install
  • Less Labor Intensive than Drywall
  • Resistant to everyday activities
  • Well integrated with interior decor
  • On-site adaptability