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Access Panels

Our access panels come available either loose or factory-installed per project specifications. In order to fabricate the access panels, it will be necessary to obtain information such as:

  • Size -The access panel should be surrounded by a margin of shield at no less than 1 1/2” wide. For example, if an access panel was ordered for a 9” x 12” shield, the maximum dimensions of the access panel would be 7 1/2” x 10 1/2”. Also, it is advantageous to keep the length of the access panel to a minimum in order to retain the strength of the shield cover. Recommended size is one foot or less in both length and height.
  • Location -It may be beneficial to forecast where problems could occur. Consider the most strategic location for each access panel in the case there is a need for utility accessibility.
  • Attachment method -Will the access panel be connected to the shield by hinge or by screws?
  • Security concerns -It may be necessary to have a lock on each panel. Locks can be keyed separately or identically.

Since JG Innovations, Inc. only provides custom fabrication, it is necessary to specify exactly what your project requires.