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If you’re going to make a first impression, is it a crime to make it a false impression? We’re not suggesting you take this approach literally, but JG Innovations Inc., can be your accomplice in covering up those visually-distracting pipes and mechanical systems. When you simply need to disguise a pipe, use our ‘Illusions’ Aesthetic Soffit line to shroud exposed mechanicals in secrecy.

More than simple pipe covers, the ‘Illusions’ Aesthetic Soffit line is a subtle way to keep any combination of exposed fire sprinkler, plumbing, hydronic pipe, HVAC radiator pipes or electrical systems under wraps. Designed specifically to be visually appealing, ‘Illusions’ Aesthetic Soffits provide streamlined camouflage in classic, clean profiles.

As building configurations do and will vary, we supply our metal interior soffit systems in multiple silhouettes to easily accommodate simplistic to complex layouts. Our standard profile options commonly consist of:

  • L-Shield
  • J-Shield
  • U-Shield
  • Bow-Shield
  • Soft Edge-Shield

If a custom design is what you need, simply contact us with your requirements.  We would be happy to accommodate.

Our ‘Illusion’ Aesthetic Soffits deliver the concealment system you need in a made-to-order fashion. Popular finish choices include paintgrip (unfinished Zinc-Galvanneal dipped steel), primed, and several powder coated shades of white. You can also provide us with your color samples for custom-matched shades.

The customization highlights don’t stop with profile and finish options. JG Innovations understands that a cookie-cutter approach can leave your needs unmet. Concerned you have a seemingly odd size for the interior soffit system your facility requires? Our 'Illusions' Aesthetic soffit systems are fabricated to the exact dimensional specifications requested. Custom radiator enclosures have never been so convenient or economical! Simply supply the dimensions of the mechanical systems or pipes you're trying to conceal, and your ‘Illusions’ Architectural Soffits will arrive within 2-3 weeks.  We ship nationwide! Our ‘Illusions’ Soffit radiator pipe covers complete the impressive feat of hiding your radiators and other mechanicals, leaving onlookers wondering, “What’s your secret?”

Want to learn more about how you can become a master of ‘Illusions’? Contact our sales team today.


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