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Long-standing supporter, Jack Grice P.E. and President of JG Innovations Inc., participated for the 12th sequential year in the annual Burn Center Golf Invitational held August 31st at the Grand Geneva Golf Resort in Lake Geneva, WI. While the list of worthy causes supporting awareness and prevention of fire-related damages, injuries and deaths are endless, partaking in functions that sponsor the annual ‘Summer Camp for Burn Injured Youth’ are rendered a necessity amongst the staff of JG Innovations. The involvement and contribution of assorted businesses statewide makes it possible for children, aged 7 – 17 who have sustained burn injuries, to attend this week-long, specialty camp at no cost.

This day-long outing provided golfers and volunteers the occasion to connect and be reminded of the noble efforts required to make the Burn Center and other related programs promoted by the Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety (WAFS) a possibility. Participation in WAFS sponsored events are commonly considered equally beneficial to those that are able to take part.

Jasmin Steiner, VP of Marketing at JG Innovations, was able to experience the Burn Center Golf Invitational for the first time via the volunteer opportunities offered.

Steiner described her experience as so, “Jack and others have sung multiple praises of why the Burn Center Golf Invitational is such a wonderful cause. Until I attended, I hadn’t fully-understood the positive impact of the WAFS on the lives of those who have been affected by fire-related accidents. Hearing the children talk about how much the Summer Camp had personally influenced their lives was beyond emotionally moving. I left that day knowing I would never be the same, knowing I had to get involved on a deeper level.”

JG Innovations will continue their annual support of the WAFS and all-related events. To get involved or for further information about the Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety, please visit their website at or call 1-800-315-0911.