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Often times, opportunities present themselves in the most unexpected ways. In July of 2007, Jack Grice, PE, entered a purchase agreement moving towards the sale of Grice Engineering Inc. Unfortunately this contract went awry, positioning him to begin a new life chapter and once again wear his entrepreneurial hat. Having built several companies from the ground up and being the creator of multiple concealment products throughout his professional career, Jack quickly equipped himself with an experienced team of professionals, determined to do it once again.

It was this ill-fated situation that gave birth to an idea to expand upon the previous services and products his other companies had supplied. When asked how his new venture will be different from others, Grice enthusiastically replied, “We’re a fresh face in a new place, providing (our clients) all of yesterday’s experience with tomorrow’s vision and healthy outlook.”

On July 1st, 2009, Jack Grice proudly opened the doors of JG Innovations Inc., a licensed engineering firm specializing in metal concealment systems and custom engineered fabrications. Since its establishment, JG Innovations has quickly become the ‘go-to’ source for numerous projects nationwide, ranging in 5 – 21,000 lineal feet of supplied products.

When asked about the future of JG Innovations, Jack thoughtfully reflects for a few moments then responds, “…JG Innovations is a progressive company, perpetually in motion…we continually seek out methods to develop new and better products, never losing sight of the importance of improving business and industry relations.”

With such focused vision and resolve, JG Innovations appears to be well on its way to becoming an accomplished endeavor. While none can truly predict the future, it’s safe to say Grice has effectively done it again.

For further information about JG Innovations, visit their website or call 1-888-We-Fab-It.