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Soffit Assembly & Installation

The Soffi-Steel® and Interlock™ Concealment Systems are as simplistic as they are flexible to install! Employment of minimal internal components such as shield clips, wall flanges, couplings, and end caps provide an uncomplicated installation process. Designed to be convenient and effective enclosure systems, the Soffi-Steel® and Interlock™ Concealment Systems save you time and money because installation can be completed by a non-specialized sub-contractor with common tools.

Providing a secure, streamlined cover shield for your facility’s exposed mechanicals is a simple endeavor. Basic soffit installation involves snapping the soffit cover material onto previously installed heavy-gauge spring shield clips. Individual lengths are then joined at each seam with an internal coupling system. Next if required by the application, rivets can be used if the substrate is less than desirable to align the soffit sections. Lastly, sealant is applied to existing voids resulting from construction surface irregularities.

Don’t have the time to install our soffit systems? Or, would you simply prefer to avoid the hassle? JG Innovations also offers the convenience of a traveling crew to complete your interior soffit system installation. Both training sessions and installation services are available upon request. Contact our sales department for more information. Access our installation guide for an in-depth explanation of how to work with our interior soffit systems.

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