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Metal Column Covers & Pilasters

Choose JG Innovations as the source for your project’s metal and ACM line set column covers. As your reliable partner, we also supply convenience by using a pre-engineered approach in our butt joint and reveal joint column covers. The differences are explained below:

  • Our “butt joint” column covers use a keyhole effect in which the bolt from the male attachment works as the key. When placed through the teardrop shaped eyehole, gravity pulls the female half of the column cover down, locking it into place.
  • With our “reveal joint” column covers, the sections of the column covers are bolted to an angle that is attached to the structural beam. A gap is intentionally left between the adjacent sections for bolting the columns to the angles. The remaining space can then be either filled with caulk or a channel, or left open.

To best fit your project’s column cover requirements, JG Innovations also provides a wide selection of material and finish options, such as:

  • AAMA 2605 Fluorocarbon (Kynar) painted aluminum,
  • Anodized aluminum,
  • Stainless steel (brushed, mirrored, or custom patterned metals by Rimex),
  • 4mm and 6mm aluminum composite material from Alpolic, Alucobond, and Reynobond.

Additionally, we offer custom profiles including square, elliptical, and conical shape line set covers.

M-Series Column Covers

Our M-Series Metal Column Covers are fabricated out of metal plating (most often aluminum or stainless steel). In addition to the 57 standard colors we offer, JG Innovations furnishes computerized color matching and a variety of popular anodized colors. Our sheet, perforated and embossed materials include:

  • 3003 Series Aluminum Alloys
  • 5005 Series Anodized Quality Aluminum Alloys
  • 300 Series Stainless Steel Alloys (brushed or mirror finish)
  • Other Specialty Metals (including perforated, embossed, and woven materials)

C-Series Column Covers

Our C-Series Metal Column Covers are typically offered in aluminum composite materials (ACM) and occasionally fabricated out of metal composite material. In addition to the full line of popular standard colors offered in aluminum composite material by Reynobond, Alpolic, or Alucobond, JG Innovations also provides custom color services as well. We offer the following material selections:

  • 3mm Standard Core
  • 4mm Standard Core
  • 6mm Standard Core
  • 6mm Fire-Rated Core

Contact our sales department phone line today at 1-888-We-Fab-It or to line up assistance for settling your project’s column concealment needs.