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Recommended Tools

While we offer installation of our interior soffit systems, we realize that you may not elect to go with this service. One of the keys to a fast, smooth, and efficient installation of our Soffi-Steel® and JGI Interlock™ Concealment Systems soffit lines are having the proper tools to work with. Download a printable checklist of recommended tools.

Recommended Tools for Installation of Interior Steel Soffits, "JGI Interlock™ Concealment Systems"

  1. Aviation Shears/Snips may be used for cutting material in lighter gauges, such as our 24 Gauge material. A hand seamer or hand break also assists with custom fabrications. For cutting material to length, notching and cutting holes for sprinkler heads or other devices in heavier gauges, a plasma cutter is typically sufficient. Other useful tools include a die grinder, industrial grade jigsaw or hand held saber saw/metal cutter.
  2. If more than a few dozen outlet holes are required, a carbide tipped hole saw is recommended. This tool expedites hole cutting and increases accuracy. When using this tool, you will also need a power drill with a higher RPM and at least a 1/2” chuck. Standard hole saw sizes for sprinkler head cut-outs are between 2” and 2 3/4”.
  3. When encountering concrete structures a rotary hammer drill is essential for anchoring the cover clips. Typically, 3/16” x 8” length SDS carbide tipped hammer drill bits work well.
  4. A high speed rotary drill, along with a 1/8” x 3” hardened steel bit, is required to drill rivet holes and in cut ends, cutting out sprinkler head holes, etc.

Additional suggested tools:

  • A Chalk Line (For Determining Shield Clip Placement)
  • An 8” x 12” Steel Frame Square
  • A Combination Square (For Measuring Angles)
  • Medium-Size Rubber Mallet or Dead-Blow Type Hammer
  • 2 – 3 Pry Bars/Nail Pullers (For Reaching Behind the Cover to Spread Shield Cover Clips and Other Fittings)
  • 25’ Tape Measure
  • Cordless Drill for Anchoring Fasteners in Drywall and Drilling Pop Rivet Holes
  • Caulk Gun
  • Metal File (To Smooth Field Cut Edges)

Required Accessories:

  • Pop Rivets (1/8"Diameter x 1/4"Length) of Matching Material/Finish
  • Substrate Appropriate Anchors/Fasteners
  • Commercial Grade (Sonneborn® NP-1) or Institutional Grade (Sonneborn® Ultra) Sealant
  • Safety Glasses and Tool Belts